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European Parliament votes to improve television access for
disabled people

Resolution on Television without Frontiers

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European Parliament votes to improve television access for disabled people

On 4 September the EP adopted their Resolution on the TV without Frontiers Directive – which reports on the implementation process of this Directive.
One of the most significant points made is in para. 34 calling for an annual benchmarking process on progress made by Member States in relation to access to TV broadcasting for disabled people. (see below). The idea would be to clearly identify which member states are performing well and which are not.
This proposal is inserted as a result of lobbying work undertaken by EBU, EUD, RNID and the European Hard of Hearing Federation supported by EDF.
It was discussed extensively at a Disability Intergroup meeting earlier this year.

Paragraph 34:
“Notes that levels of sub-titling and sign language interpretation and presentation of programmes in sign language for those with hearing difficulties, and of audiovisual description for the visually impaired, vary quite widely from Member State to Member State; recalls the Commission’s commitment to the European Parliament in June 2002 to raise this issue in the present report; notes that the Commission has not done so; calls once again on the Commission to address the problem of improving access to the broadcast media for those suffering from sensory impairment; calls on the Commission, in its work programme, to include an annual benchmarking report on the progress in all Member States on making digital TV accessible for people with disabilities; believes that this report should be based on National Action Plans on ‘Improving disabled people’s access to digital TV’ submitted to the Commission by each of the Member States.”


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