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The VOICE Project
Giving a VOICE to the deaf by developing awarenes of VOICE to text recognition capabilities

The VOICE Project’s Web Site on voiceproject.eu

The VOICE Project’s Web Site has been developed and managed, since its starting in 1996 until the final conference of the European Year of People with Disability 2003, by the Project’s coordinator, official of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.
By this role he continued updating the Site on the JRC’s Server and since 2012 on an external Server, with the EC’s agreement for safeguarding the historical memory of a particularly significant awareness rising action.
In order to celebrate the twenty years of the Project, thanks to the collaboration of the  Pio Istituto dei Sordi and the Cooperativa Progetto il Seme, a revision of the Site is being performed, by a gradual updating of the indexes for highlighting the contributions of greater present interess and by the insertion of new initiatives and services.
The Web Site’s updating is done mainly on the pages in Italian language, even if some pages will remain available in English and sometimes in French or German for the events that took place in countries of such languages.