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Questionnaires VOICE

The VOICE Consortium is performing a User Needs Analysis, as planned in the VOICE Accompanying Measure of the Telematics Applications Programme

(as part of the Deliverable D-04.1).

The Analysis is based on two complementary approaches:

Kepler University is giving attention to the scientific state-of-the-art in this field, with in-depth analysis of the user needs, based also on a literature survey and two questionnaires;
having started the activities in the same way, JRC-ISIS and FBL soon discovered a greater interest in the users for a more practical approach. Therefore they chose presenting to the users several possible solutions, discussing with them of the alternatives and adding the agreed functions to the prototype before the next meetings, as a basis for further testing and deeper discussion. JRC-ISIS and FBL will report on these activities and translate into technical specifications the practical requests presented by the users.
Kepler University proposes to fill in the questionnaires to the participants attending the prototype’s presentations or participating to the tests.
Questionnaires filled in by other users on the Web are the very welcome.

1. Speech recognition questionnaire (link inglese:

2. Prototype questionnaire (link inglese: