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Netdays-ACCESS 1999 Proposal

Access to Education for Persons with Disability

Pedagogic and tele-education support by a Web Site and an Internet Discussion Forum for helping any person, and more particularly those with visual impairment or other special needs, to access information.
Training of teachers and trainers for helping any person to attend the normal educational system.
Collaboration of students (particularly cybergirls) in contacting via Internet students with hearing impairment and training of their parents (particularly mothers) in accessing the Web.

Summary (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/projects/explor/explor99a/netdays99a/summary_en.htm)

Theme categories
Project target groups
Type of activities
State of the Art (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/projects/explor/explor99a/netdays99a/state_en.htm)

Project’s Objectives and Means (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/projects/explor/explor99a/netdays99a/means_en.htm)

European Dimension
Working together on the Internet
Cybergirls and Education of Parents
Visibility in the Netd@ys Week
Partnership (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/projects/explor/explor99a/netdays99a/parterns_en.htm)