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JRC Closing Event for the
European Year of People with Disabilities 2003

Conference eAccessibility by Voice:
VOICE Recognition supporting people
with hearing or other disabilities

Conference Centre Casa Don Guanella, Barza/Ispra
24 and 25 November 2003

The Conference aims at spreading information on the potentialities of voice recognition and voice synthesis techniques and in encouraging an awareness rising process on the ways of helping people with disabilities. It will present the results achieved by the VOICE Project and the Development and Harmonisation of Subtitling in European Television Broadcasting Project and discuss new challenges. The speakers will demonstrate the use of voice recognition for generating subtitles of conferences and television broadcasts (for people with hearing impairment), as well as the navigation on the Internet assisted by voice recognition (for people with motor impairment) and by voice synthesis (for people with visual impairment).
The Conference represents the JRC contribution to the Closing Events of the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003. JRC-Ispra may be seen as the obvious intersection of the Italian and the European closing events, with a particular accent on the aspects of European Research and disabilities.

Conference’s objectives (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/objectives_en.htm)
Conference’s program (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/program_en.htm)
Exhibition stands and parallel events (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/stands_en.htm)
Registration, accomodation, accessibility, interpretation and subtitling (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/registration_en.htm)
Touristic information and useful links (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/tourism_en.htm)
Participants’ list (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/participants_en.htm)
Conference’s Final document (Link inglese: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/final_en.htm)
Press review (Lang:IT) (Link italiano: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/press/_press_it.htm)
Scientific committee and organisation (Lang:IT) (Link italiano: http://www.voiceproject.eu/events/ev2003/eaccessibility/committee_it.htm)

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