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JRC Closing Event for the
European Year of People with Disabilities 2003

Conference eAccessibility by Voice:
VOICE Recognition supporting people
with hearing or other disabilities

Conference Centre Casa Don Guanella, Barza/Ispra
24 and 25 November 2003
Conference’s Program

Monday 24

12.30-13.00: Lunch will be available for the earlier arriving participants

13.30-14.30: Participants’ registration and

demonstrations at stands (Link inglese:

14.30-16.45: Television: Broadcasting for All

The VOICE Project’s users underlined the need of increased collaboration among the television broadcasters in the development and harmonisation of subtitling in European television broadcasting. Many television broadcasters, subtitling firms and associations of users confirmed their interest in this area. An initiative aiming at setting up the basis for such a collaboration and at doing together the first steps in this direction started in the frame of the JRC Exploratory Research Programme, with the encouragent of several EC Directorates General. It helped in creating the CENELEC Working Group Television for All and in organising a Conference in Seville on June 2002. The CENELEC Group’s final report, completed in a meeting in Barcelona on the 28th October 2003, will be presented.

14.30: Antonio Conte (Link inglese:, EC Directorate Genereral Enterprise, Normalisation Unit, EC Standardisation policy in support of e-accessibility
14.45: Giuliano Pirelli (Link inglese:, EC-JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, VOICE Project’s Co-ordinator, The initial idea and the 2001-2002 activities
15.05: Marc Hoda (Link inglese:, Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Present activities and future plans, by a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Gerry Stallart, expert of the Group
15.30: Guus Coenen (Link inglese:, APEDAF-FOSS, The needs of the final users
The television broadcasters will present their activities on broadcasts’ subtitling and more particularly their results on on-line subtitling of news and sport events by voice recognition:

15.45: Lino De Seriis (Link inglese:, RAI Italian Television Broadcaster, Head of Televideo Subtitling Sector, The activities of RAI on subtitling
16.00: Federico Neri (Link inglese:, Synthema Software House, The voice recognition propotype, developed for RAI and under validation tests, with languages tools for improving the recognition quality
16.15: Bernd Benecke (Link inglese:, Bayerisches Fernsehen, Language Department, Audio Description, What Audio Description may do on accessibility to visual impaired people for TV, DVD, Cinema or Internet
16.30-17.00: Coffee break and snacks

17.00-19.30: The Associations meet the Experts

An opportunity of meeting and discussing between the international Experts attending the Conference, the Associations of people with disabilities and the Italian Local Authorities

17.00: Willem Janssens (Link inglese:, EC-JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, The EC Joint Research Centre role and activities
17.15: Angelo Gorla (Link inglese:, Provincia di Varese, Dirigente Settore Politiche Sociali (participation not confirmed), The activities in favour of people with disability: the Institutions’ role in supporting their integration in the social life
17.30: Giuliano Pirelli (Link inglese:, EC-JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, VOICE Project’s co-ordinator, Welcome, with the collaboration of:17.35: Mattia Muratore, A posive way of living life, even within phisical important limits
17.45: a videotape: The RAI television spot on the European Year 2003
17.50: Giacomo Pirelli (Link inglese:, student of MultiDams (Multimedia, Cinema and Theatre) University of Turin, My experience with a communication support for the university lectures
18.00: Magali Rendu, AFIDEO, Association Francaise pour l’Information et la Défense des Sourds s’Exprimant Oralement, What young hearing impaired people do expect from the Society, from the television broadcasters, from this Conference
18.10: Siegfried Karg (Link inglese:, Pro Audito Schweiz BVVS, Vice-President of EFHOH European Federation of Hard of Hearing, Do only hearing impaired people need subtitles?
18.25: Emilia Tinelli Bonadonna (Link inglese:, President of ALFA Association of Families of people with hearing impairment, The Italian specific legislation for the integration of pupils with disabilities in the School
18.40: Elio Parodi (Link inglese:, President of AFA Association of Families of people with hearing impairment, The experience gained in collaborating with the VOICE Project19.00: Serena Luraschi, co-ordinator of the AFA Jouth Group, The pamphlet Decalogo: ten basic rules helping communication among people with or without hearing impairment
19.10: Rosario Marretta (Link inglese:, co-ordinator of the Deafness Group of the Lions Club North-West Lombardia (108 Ib1), The spoken book for people with visual impairment
19.25: The president of the JRC Italian Presidency Semester will welcome the participants and Luisa Paracchini (Link inglese:, President of the JRC-Ispra Photo Club, will offer a book with pictures taken either by people with disabilities or by the members of the Club on themes of disabilities
19.30-21.00: Conference’s Dinner

The discussion will continue during the dinner …

21.00-22.00: Continuation of demonstrations at stands

The discussion will continue around a few presentations at the exhibition stands

demonstrations at stands (Link inglese:

The Conference’s official languages will be English and Italian
with interpretation in both languages and on-line subtitling in Italian

Piero Mongini Conference Centre at Don Guanella House

Tuesday 25

8.00-9.00: Breakfast and

demonstrations at stands (Link inglese:

9.00-11.00: The EC role in Disabilities and Research

9.00: Frank Marx (Link inglese:, EC Directorate General Employment and Social Affairs, Unit Integration of People with Disabilities, chairing the Year2003 Project, EC Communication on the policy follow up to the EYPD – Equal opportunities for people with disabilities: A European Action Plan
9.20: Giovanni Daverio (Link inglese:– Ministero del Lavoro e delle politiche sociali, Direttore Generale (not confirmed), The activities in favour of people with disability: the Institutions’ role in supporting their integration in the social life

9.20: Giuliano Pirelli (Link inglese:, EC-JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, The VOICE Project’s activities and achievements in automatic subtitling of conferences for people with hearing impairment
9.40: Fivos Andritsos (Link inglese:, EC-JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, The IST project PARREHA Parkinsonians Rehabilitation by Intelligent Instrumentation
10:00: Olivier Le Dour (Link inglese:, EC Directorate Biotechnologies and Health, RTD Health Research Unit, The EC role and the support to medical research
10.20: Hendrik Fehr (Link inglese:, President of EURO-CIU European Association of Cochlear Implant Users, The needs of users with hearing disabilities
10.40: Sandro Burdo (Link inglese:, Varese Hospital, Handling and transforming voice in controlling cochlear implants
11.00-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-12.30: Voice Recognition and Voice Handling Technologies

How voice may help in different situations all citizens and particularly those with disabilities:

11.30: Angelo Paglino (Link inglese:, FBL Software House, Webaccessibility, Web Sites’ Accessibility and Usability (demonstration of the VOICE Web Site and the Pavia University’s Web Site)
11.45: Antonio Malafarina (Link italiano:, Expert of Accessibility problems, Web Accessibility by voice recognition, navigation for people with phisycal impairment (demonstration on the VOICE Web Site)
12.00: Daniele Cicuto (Link italiano:, Migara Software House, Consultant for Banca Popolare di Sondrio, The European experience in banking for people with visual impairment (demonstration on the VOICE Web Site and on the BPS Bank’s Web Site)
12.15: Isabella Signorile (Link italiano:, Politecnico of Torino, Politecnico di Torino’s experience in web and educational resources accessibility
12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.00: Subtitled Television Broadcasts

14.00: David Padmore (Link inglese:, BBC, Senior Producer, Access Services, who led the project to introduce speech recognition techniques to BBC live subtitling area, BBC targets and how we intend to achieve them. He will present the activities, by means also af a VHS of their live speech recognition in practice
14.40: Marc Hoda (Link inglese:, Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Television subtitling: the situation in UK and in Europe, RNID’s role, collaboration with EC and CENELEC; Europe without Frontiers and the European Parliament vote to improve television access for disabled people
15.10: Filomena Di Silvio (Link inglese:, Scripsi Studio Sottotitoli, The day by day activity in a subtiling firm: the standard equipment, how it works
15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.30-17.30: Education and access to information

16.30: Laura Parodi (Link italiano:, AFA Association of families of people with hearing impairment and University of Milano-Bicocca, Better quality University lessons for every student, including those with disabilities; interaction and integration, her own experience and the thesis of other JRC previous stagiares
16.50: Davide Ferrazzi (Link inglese:, RCM Milano Community Network Foundation, and Communty Informatics Laboratory, Computer Science Department, University of Milan, Community networks as a tool to support and connect people with disabilityes and associations: the relationship with the Associations of hearing impaired youth and the VOICE Forum
17.10: Laura Marega (Link inglese:, CSA Como, The point of view of a hearing impaired teacher on her hearing students
17.30-17.50: Discussion panel, questions and answers

17.50-18.00: Closing of the Conference

View of the Major Lake