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The VOICE Project
Giving a VOICE to the deaf by developing awareness
of VOICE to text recognition capabilities

March 29, 2014:
subtitled the Pope Francisco's private audience for deaf people

Since 1996, in the European Commission Joint Research Centre (Ispra Varese), the VOICE Project contributed to the study, the development and the spreading of aids to help the hearing impaired people to become more actives members of the society.
Thanks to the sponsorship and funding by the EC Directorate General Information Society, the Project developed a prototype based on video and voice recognition systems for live subtitling and presented and used it in more than one hundred conferences and workshops.
This was followed by a deep collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union and the CENELEC Normalisation Committee and the results have been presented at a conference of particular visibility as conclusion of the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003.
Even if the Project had reached its conclusion, it contributed to a few significant events, such as the presentation to the Chamber of Deputies of Palazzo Marini in Rome of the new International Association of Respeaking (onA.I.R.) and the live subtitling via web-streaming as an Euroscola session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Both the operators of onA.I.R. and of CulturAbile subtitled many other conferences, always with very good results, thanks to systems developed with reference to the VOICE Project’s initial approach and often in contact with it, by using technologies in continuous evolution.

But which occasion could have been more appropriate than the private audience that Pope Francisco dedicated to deaf people on the 29 March 2014? For the more than 6000 participants the service of 64 sign-language interpreters have been offered, while the CulturAbile’s operators live subtitled the event for the participants in the room and the onA.I.R.’s operators subtitled the event’s broadcast via web-streaming.

onA.I.R. in collaboration with the Vatican Television Centre (CTV) is glad to present a great/big live streaming event: the canonization of the beatified John XXIII and John Paul II, subtitled in Italian, English, Spanish and Polish.
Sunday, April 27, from 09:30 am on accessible via pc, tablet or smartphone, it will be possible to follow the spiritual path towards the sanctification of these two Popes that changed the course of history.

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