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Presentations of the VOICE Project
and of the prototype demonstrator
European Year of People with Disabilities 2003

The Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen of the European Commission Joint Research Centre participates to the EC InterService Group on Disability, chaired by the Directorate General Employment and Social Affairs, which promotes the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003.
VOICE organises several activities for Year 2003 or encourages and collaborates with activities proposed by other partners. The events spread information on the results achieved by the VOICE Project and the Development and Harmonisation of Subtitling in European Television Broadcasting Project and propose new activities.
VOICE continues the contacts with the television broadcasters and CENELEC, aimed at providing techical support that may help in armonising subtitling in European television broadcasting. It increases collaboration with the universities for helping students with hearing impairment by subtitling the lectures.
In most cases the partners exchange information on their activities and get more visibility by using the VOICE Web Site and its Discussion Forum. These tools follow the basic rules to make Web Sites accessible by people with disabilities and care will be spent on this aspect, proposing the Site as a test reference for all users, particularly for JRC and other EC Directorates General colleagues.

2003 First Semester

In the first semester 2003, the VOICE Project presented the Project's results and the Year 2003 aims to ALFA Association in Milan, AFA Association in Cantù (Como), Lions Club in Gallarate (Varese), CENELEC Standardisation Committee in Brussels, ANEC User Group in Brussels, the International Symposium of EURO-CIU Association in Berlin, the Universities of Milan, Pavia, Trieste, Benevento and Lecce, the Videoconference InfoPoverty of OCCAM-UNESCO-ONU-WorldBank-EC-PE at Milan Politecnico and Cattolica Milan University with Oklahoma University.
The VOICE Project's co-ordinator also presented the applications of voice recognition for people with disabilities in a workshop for JRC-Ispra colleagues and attended the Opening Ceremony of Year 2003 in Bari and the ETSI Conference Accessibility for All in Nice and to a television broadcast of RAI-3 Racconti di Vita, which gave a positive feeling of how it is possible to live without loosing enthusiasm, even within the limits of a disability.
Two students of Milan University wrote their thesis on deafness and the VOICE Project: one of them, hearing impaired, graduated with the maximum vote.

2003 Second Semester

In the second semester the VOICE Project participates to the Organising Committee of the Italian Presidency Semester at JRC and will present the VOICE Project's results and the Year 2003 aims to the JRC colleagues at Ispra in October and to several workshops in collaboration with the local organisations in the area of Varese.
The Project will continue the contacts with the Universities and the television broadcasters.
The main events will be the presentation at the IST Conference in Milan on the 4th October, the collaboration with the local authorities for the 3 days of the stop of the Year-2003-Bus in Varese on the 3-5 November and the organisation of the Conference eAccessibility by Voice: VOICE Recognition supporting people with hearing or other disabilities, to be held at JRC-Ispra on November 24-25.
Important will be the collaboration with the organisers in Brussels and Rome in order to ensure that the JRC events will be in line with the other foreseen events. JRC-Ispra is to be seen as the obvious intersection of the European events organised by Brussels and the Italian events organised by Rome, with a particular accent on the aspects of European Research and disabilities.

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