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VOICE Project's Objectives

Although Voice To Text (VTT) recognition packages are marketed primarily as a means of allowing people in businesses to create documents without using the keyboard, it is an application that holds great advantages for the hearing impaired, blind and physically handicapped, as well as people without special needs.
The VOICE Project proposes the development of new technologies in the field of voice to text recognition, but also to stimulate and increase the use of new, widely diffused technologies, namely the Internet, with a particular emphasis on the problems that may be encountered by the deaf.
The objective is that of uniting, by means of an Internet Forum, Associations, companies, universities, schools, public administrations and anyone else (whether it Nationally or Internationally) that is interested in the subject and that could benefit from such research. The Forum will contribute in defining User requirements of the hearing impaired for applications of Information Technology.

A Voice to Text subtitling system
for conferences and television transmissions
[Phone with subtitles] A Voice to Text telephone system
A system to create visual images
corresponding to voice and sounds at home or on television
A Voice Forum
Associations' Group defining User requirements in this field

With reference to different objectives, the activities are split into several Projects. More information on the aims and activities of the Project are available on:

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