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[Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety]
Proposal for an Accompanying Measure for the
Telematics Applications Programme
VOICE Project
giving a VOICE to the deaf
by developing awareness of VOICE to text recognition capabilities

DE4104 - Disabled and Elderly


Deliverable D08.1

Project Number: DE-4104

Project Title: VOICE:
Giving a VOICE to the deaf,
by developing awareness of VOICE to text recognition capabilities

Deliverable Type: (PU/LI/RP): PU
(Type: PU-public, LI-limited, RP-restricted)

Deliverable Number: D08.1

Title of Deliverable: The HANDImatica'98 VOICE Workshop's Proceedings

Work-Package contributing to the Deliverable: WP8

Nature of the Deliverable: (PR/RE/SP/TO/OT): RE
Nature: PR-Prototype, RE-Report, SP-Specification, TO-Tool, OT-Other

G.Pirelli, A. Paglino, A. Mezzanotte, T. Ponti, C. Carabelli



The deliverable is split into 2 parts:

The Deliverable D08.1.a. reports on the presentations of the VOICE Project at the HANDImatica'99 Conference and Exhibition on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, organised in Bologna.
The VOICE Project presented the new development of voice to text recognition and other projects related to the field. A workshop with 40 Participants and a stand with 1000 Visitors in three days were organised. Additionally, a meeting of the Special Interest User Group was held after the VOICE workshop.
The Deliverable also includes a document by CECOEV Association of the hearing imparired on the user needs for television broadcasts' subtitling.

The Deliverable D08.1.b. reports on a Workshop on the VOICE Project, organised at Pavia in order to present the prototype demonstrator to the schools participating to the tests of the system.
The Deliverable also includes some press review and pictures, confirming the particular interest of the users and of the media.

Keyword List: Speech to Text Recognition, Deafness, Hearing Impairment, automatic subtitling

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